We're beginning with a God-sized dream!

God is more interested in our availability than our ability. That’s why we’re beginning our journey by saying “yes” to him and dreaming a God-sized dream.
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Letters from the Pastor
Hi, my name is Karo Ku, and I'm serving Overflowing Community Church as a pastor/barista. 😀   With COVID-19 and "safer at home" order in Orange County, many individuals, families, and...
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Let's Be Thankful
Letters from the Pastor
https://youtu.be/JN3vht6iG_k This year's Thanksgiving Day will be very different from any other year. Whether you're planning on inviting people to your Thanksgiving party or not, you might be a...
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A Good Morning is Coming
Letters from the Pastor
https://youtu.be/qds8vhu2oM8   Many of us are passing a time of darkness, but let us remember that a good morning is coming because there's hope in Jesus. Pastor Karo shares that when Go...
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