Hello church,

The weather has been up and down lately in Orange County, Southern California, and because of that, I saw many people were sick, coughing and all that. Well, being sick isn’t fun at all, is it? I hope and pray you and your family would stay away as much as possible from getting sick.

Today, let’s talk about what if number 9. What if there is a church that is so passionate about planting the seeds of 9 fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?

We were called to make disciples who follow Jesus, not to make members of our church. Nonetheless, we often find ourselves busy making new members and celebrating high number of people inside of the wall. If we were called to become fishers of men, we need to go out there and catch fish, instead of managing our aquarium.

As a church, we want to focus on planting the seeds that will bear 9 fruits of the Spirit. We will plant the seeds, water them, and leave the rest of the process to God, which means we’re passionate about seeing the fruits but the fruits don’t always have to be under our trees. Our main focus is on planting the seeds and watering them. When God calls us to harvest, we will harvest. It just doesn’t always have to be under our trees.

For example, as we’re walking our church planting journey, we’re praying about serving a missionary as a sending church. Yes, we’re still searching for supporting churches and individuals who will pray for us, love us, and financially support us. However, we will overflow God’s blessings as much as possible, and that’s why supporting a missionary is a natural step for us.

By the way, we just created our website in multiple languages, which shows our heart for serving 3 every: every nation, every tribe, and every language. We’re also beginning our coffee ministry named Overflowing Coffee. We’re praying about doing an outreach during Easter weekend by going to local community’s Easter Eggs hunt events (where nonbelievers might be) and serving coffee in a cup with Bible verses. It could be the first Bible to some people. Exciting, isn’t it?

Thank you for your prayer, love and support. I’m also praying for you.

Have a wonderful day!