Good morning church,

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve talked about the vision of the church by looking at “what if” from number 1. Today is the #10. What if there is a church that 10th is the new 10 times?

What am I saying here? We’re talking about tithing, right? Tithing is an action of putting God first by giving 10 percent of our income to him. It’s about generosity, obedience, and commitment. Jesus talked about money more than anything else because money can be an indicator of our hearts. It is test, tool, and testimony.

However, what we’re talking about today isn’t just about money. It’s about putting God first in our lives and expecting God working in us and through us.

Who wouldn’t like 10 times right? Imagine having your salary increased by 10 times, living in a home that is 10 times bigger than yours today, and increasing the number of people following your Instagram by 10 times. Even though we say 10 times of what we want to have is good, giving 10th seems challenging.

Do you know what that means? In order to get 10 times of what you want to have, you need to work, work, and work, and yet you may still not have it. However, when you understand the true meaning of giving 10th of your income, which means putting God first in every area of your life, God is working in you and through you. According to the teachings of the Bible, you will bear not just 10 times but 30, 60, and 100 times.

I would like to share with you a story. It was last year July as I was still serving as a small groups pastor at Saddleback Church. I was invited to speak at a summer camp on purpose driven church. The title of the message was “We’re the Church.” Anyways, the church was in San Jose, and I felt that God wanted me to say yes to him by going to them. I’ve been saying no to any invitations like this just because I wanted to focus on small groups at Saddleback. However, when God calls you, what do you do? Say yes, right? As I was saying yes to speak to about 20 people at the summer camp, I received another invitation from a church in Seoul, Korea. So I requested a one week vacation to speak at 2 places.

Sharing the history of Saddleback Church and purpose driven paradigm in San Jose was a wonderful reminder of what God wants from his church. The next day, I was on my way to Seoul, and I was very excited about this trip because it’s been almost ten years since I was there. Not only that, I had so much chance to share the gospel with people wherever I go, such as Uber, airplane, and coffee shops.

I knew I was invited to an annual retreat of pastors and elders from different churches, but what I didn’t know was there were 2,000 of them. One hour was too short for sharing purpose driven paradigm and what God has done in and through Saddleback Church, but I have received so many comments from people how they were encouraged and challenged in making their churches healthy.

I know what I’m capable of doing is to speak to 20 people. However, when I said yes to God, he used me to speak to 2,000 people. It’s not that speaking to 2,000 people is more important than speaking to 20 people. In fact, the church in San Jose became a supporting church to Overflowing, and we will walk this church planting journey together. What I’m trying to say here is if I had said no to speak to 20 people, speaking to 2,000 pastors and elders from different churches wasn’t going to happen. God wants us to say yes to him, not to an event or an outcome. Receiving 10 times is good, but giving 10th to God is more important.

We must put God first. Don’t think about what you want now because God knows what’s best for your life and he can give it to you. Why? He is the one who  created you and I!

When we give 100 percent of us to God, God uses 100 times of us because God is the creator. He has a plan for your life and he wants to use you. What he wants from you is to put him first and seek his kingdom first. That’s the church we’re dreaming about. A church that puts God first!

By the way, thank you for your generosity. Since I began walking the journey as a church planter in January, I have seen God’s blessings through you. If you’re interested in watching the previous videos on the vision of the church, you can find the letter from the pastor at our website. Please keep Overflowing Church in your prayer. Have a great day!