Hi church,

Have you ever heard someone saying something like this? “We count numbers because each number represents an individual, and each individual has a story.” Well, it’s true at Overflowing Church. We not only want to count numbers, but we also want to celebrate and cry for each number. No matter how big or how small the number is, it matters to God, and that’s why it matters to us, too.

May I share with you some numbers to celebrate? As we’ve set our goal to find 10 supporting churches and 100 supporting individuals this year, so far we have 7 supporting churches/organizations and 46 individuals who gave one time or regularly. I’m so thankful for each and every church and individual who trusted our vision for planting a new church and supporting us financially. You will be able to see more information on our website at https://overflowing.church/generosity, but I would like to say a big “thank you” for your generosity.

More numbers? Okay. We have 272 Facebook likes and 89 Instagram followers. I know it’s not a big number, but as I said, there’s no such thing as too small number for us to celebrate. So, that’s right. Yay!

What about our website? Since we created our website www.overflowing.church, we had 1,090 visitors, 1,602 sessions, and 2,795 page views. People who visited our website are from…

  • United States 68.25%
  • South Korea 10.52%
  • United Kingdom 8.14%
  • France 3.75%
  • India 1.28%
  • Canada 1.19%
  • China 0.82%
  • Australia 0.55%
  • Italy 0.55%
  • Philippines 0.55%

By the way, as we’re moving forward, we’re soon going to have a place to meet regularly for worship, fellowship, Bible study, training, etc. I will let you know more about it very soon, but let’s meet and hang out soon. We definitely need your prayer, wisdom, experience, ideas, and support, so let me know how you want to be a part of this exciting step we are about to take.

Your brother Karo