Hi friends and families,

It was about 2 in the afternoon when I was making this video, and it rained a lot in Lake Forest, California. I don’t know if you enjoy rainy days or not, but it can make you slow down a little bit and think about where you are, isn’t it? Today is February 4th, which means it’s been 35 days since I began a new journey as a church planter. There are many unknowns, and because of that, I’m daily asking the question “what’s next God?” It’s actually my prayer that I will never stop asking this question to God because I would never want to decide my next steps based on my own understandings. Whether you’re in an area that is snowing, raining, or sunny and bright (both physically and emotionally), I hope all is well with you and your family.

Today, we’re going to talk about What if #6. What if there are 6 areas of a home for the church? What do I mean by that? When I think about a church, I think about a home fand family, don’t you? A church is all about God’s family, and what’s happening at homes and each areas of a home will show us what we would do as a church.

I know you will enjoy watching my video at https://youtu.be/lQiqeqC0Ryo, but here is the summary for you.

1. Yard and Porch

  • This is the first area of a home where you get to see people on the street. They could be your neighbors, but more than likely, there are strangers, people passing by and driving by. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you, which means they don’t know if they are invited to your home unless you go out there and invite them.
  • There are people who don’t know Christ. In order to invite them to a home, we must create a safe, non-threatening, inviting, and welcoming environment.

2. Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room

  • When people are invited to a home, they get to come into a house and stay in the living room, kitchen, and dining room. This is the place where people are getting connected, getting to know each other, and experience fellowship.
  • People may not have relationship with Christ yet, but as they are introduced to brothers and sisters in Christ and getting closer to each other, they are getting closer to God. They will observe what it means to follow Christ. Their journey as Christ-followers may begin right here.

3. Bedroom and Bathroom

  • Bedroom and bathroom are for resting and cleansing, and this is the place for family members. It can be a private and intimate place for family members, and they cry together and celebrate together as a family

4. Study, Closet and Attic

  • This is the area where you store items, such as clothing, books, and toys, right? This place can be a private area for your prayer, worship, and meditation to grow in faith.

5. Garage

  • Garage is a fun place. You can store so many things here but also doing so much, such as garage band, woodwork, and home business.
    It can be a laboratory of the church and for other churches to serve in ministry.

6. Driveway

  • You’re now outside of the house because you’re ready to get to work, school, or meeting with friends. You’re on a mission to accomplish, and in the afternoon, you may bringing your friends and neighbors to your home.
    I hope this 6 areas of a home for the church help you imagine what kind of church we’re dreaming of. However, let us be the church, not just dreaming about it!