Hi friends and families,

It’s always fun connecting with friends and families and hearing about what God is doing in them and through them, isn’t it? For instance, one of my friends who has been desperately looking for a new job just started his first day at his new work yesterday. Praise the Lord! And another friend has decided to pursue Doctor of Ministry in order for him to be more prepared for serving God. I hope and pray that we would continue to share who God is and what he has done for us with everyone whenever and however.

The “what if #7” for you today is this; what if there is a 7-days-a-week church? I hope you can watch my video here and find out what I’m trying to say, but I would like to emphasize that God is interested in our lifestyle as a Christ-follower all 7 days more than our activities during the weekends. I’m not talking about going to a church everyday. Instead, I’m talking about being the church 7 days a week that worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship become our lifestyle. Let’s be the church!

I would like to share with you updates on my family’s journey.

  • The name of the church is now registered as Overflowing Community Church, and we received all the necessary documents from the state, such as our tax id. Hooray! One more step closer!
  • By the grace of the Lord, getting on-board with North America Mission Board as a church planter is moving forward, and in-person assessment is scheduled on Monday, 2/18.
  • I love seeing how God is providing. We were able to receive Medi-Cal for the family since I don’t have any steady income at the moment and food stamp to feed the kids. I may not able to buy books as I used to, but I’m able to borrow books from the library. I’m not asking God how much he needs to provide because he knows all my need, and I’ve decided to focus on God, not what and how much he is providing. Surprisingly, before I finish writing this, a friend just knocked on the door and gave me an unexpected love gift. I don’t know what to say except praising the Lord!

By the way, it’s been raining a lot lately in Southern California, isn’t it? I hope you stay dry wherever you are. The heater at my place is broken at the moment, and because of that, we had to spend 2-3 cold nights and Theodore is sick (please pray for his quick recovery). Well, there’s hope; we might get it fixed tomorrow morning. Anyways, please don’t get sick! 🙂