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A New Beginning Again
Letters from the Pastor
Hi, I hope and pray all is well with you and your family. If you have followed my life journey for the last three years, you know I’m all about church planting. However,...
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Are You Valuable?
Letters from the Pastor Have you ever asked yourself if you were valuable? Shand Coetzee shared a message that we are valuable because he created us, restored us, and...
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Bible vs Media
Letters from the Pastor Do you believe everything you see or hear on media? Most of you will probably say "no." What about the Bible? Do you believe everything you read in...
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Walk to the Empty Tomb
Letters from the Pastor Today, we celebrate Easter and say, "Jesus is risen!" He gives us new hope and life. However, the first Easter was filled with many questions,...
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Who's Your One?
Letters from the Pastor Can you imagine with me? If every brother and sister in Christ is thinking about one person in their life to share the gospel with them so that the...
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Truth that Sets Us Free
Letters from the Pastor Jesus is the truth, and he sets us free, and the freedom we received is from sin, not to sin. Pastor Karo shares his experience of starting to wear...
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God is Writing His Story
Letters from the Pastor Pastor Karo shares that God is writing his story in and through his people. Have you prayed the prayer to follow Jesus today and want to find...
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Hope and a Future
Letters from the Pastor Do you need to gather every detailed information to make a final decision, or do you go with your instinct? Whether you are good at planning and...
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