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Happy After Christmas
Letters from the Pastor The celebration of Jesus' birthday doesn't end on Christmas Day. Instead, it begins with Christmas and we can continue to celebrate our new life in...
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Are you ready for Christmas?
Letters from the Pastor Has someone asked you if you were ready for Christmas? You might have asked someone if they were ready for Christmas, too. What does it mean to be...
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What is Christmas all about?
Letters from the Pastor The month of December is known for many things, but many people will say Christmas is the highlight of the year, not just of the month. What then...
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Giving Tuesday
Letters from the Pastor
Hi, My name is Karo Ku. I'm a church planter and serving as a pastor of Overflowing Community Church in San Juan Capistrano, California.  Many people said how much it...
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Don't Give Up
Letters from the Pastor When was the last time you felt like giving up? We hope you're not in the middle of it, but when you feel like giving up, remember who is for you...
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Let's Support Local Businesses
Letters from the Pastor
Hi, my name is Karo Ku, and I'm serving Overflowing Community Church as a pastor/barista. 😀   With COVID-19 and "safer at home" order in Orange County, many...
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Let's Be Thankful
Letters from the Pastor This year's Thanksgiving Day will be very different from any other year. Whether you're planning on inviting people to your Thanksgiving party or...
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A Good Morning is Coming
Letters from the Pastor   Many of us are passing a time of darkness, but let us remember that a good morning is coming because there's hope in Jesus. Pastor Karo...
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