Category: Letters from the Pastor

Where Does My Help Come From?
Letters from the Pastor Pastor Karo shares his daughter's story of almost drowning in the swimming pool and how much we need to understand and remember our help comes from...
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Search Me, God, and Know My Heart!
Letters from the Pastor Asking God to search me and know my heart doesn't mean God doesn't know our heart. In fact, God knows who we are, what we need, and what's best for...
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What are the stones in your hands?
Letters from the Pastor When David faced the giant, he had 5 stones in his hands. What are the stones in your hands when you're facing a giant? Pastor Karo shares that...
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Who Do You Say I Am?
Letters from the Pastor How can you know if a cup is filled with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? You can know by its smell, look, taste, etc. In other words, you can know...
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Happy After Christmas
Letters from the Pastor The celebration of Jesus' birthday doesn't end on Christmas Day. Instead, it begins with Christmas and we can continue to celebrate our new life in...
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Are you ready for Christmas?
Letters from the Pastor Has someone asked you if you were ready for Christmas? You might have asked someone if they were ready for Christmas, too. What does it mean to be...
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