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Pray for Us and Bless Us
Letters from the Pastor
Dear friends and families, I hope and pray all is well with you, your family, and your ministry. My wife MK and I, with 2 little kids, are on a journey planting a...
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Letters from the Pastor A new series called Unstoppable, Pastor Cody Wallace with Journey Church in Carlsbad is having conversations with leaders across the country. Join...
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Let's Build A Good Habit
Letters from the Pastor Building a good habit is very important for our physical, emotional, relational, vocational, and mental health. Did you know that it's also true...
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Certainty vs Truth
Letters from the Pastor People today often say that we're living in a time of uncertainty. It might be true because there are so many things we are not sure of, such as...
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WH and YN Questions
Letters from the Pastor On Easter Sunday 2020, Pastor Karo shares WH and YN questions that may change your life, as it did for him and many others. If you prayed the...
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Love Your Community
Letters from the Pastor
During COVID-19, small businesses in our community are struggling or closed. That's why I've been visiting them to encourage and help promote their businesses on our church's...
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Is it well with your soul?
Letters from the Pastor Good morning Overflowing families, I hope and pray all is well with you and your family. This morning, I want to encourage you to watch this...
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