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If Only...
Letters from the Pastor If you had to do your life again, what would you do differently? One might answer "I will make sure I do this," or "I will make sure I don't do...
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Let's talk about numbers, shall we?
Letters from the Pastor
Hi church, Have you ever heard someone saying something like this? "We count numbers because each number represents an individual, and each individual has a story." Well,...
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Where does my help come from?
Letters from the Pastor Hey church, I hope you're having wonderful hot summer days! A couple of days ago, my little boy Theodore forgot to wear his arm floaties and...
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Do you want a sneak peek?
Letters from the Pastor
Good afternoon, I hope all is well with you and your family. It's been hot summer days, and I've worked in my garage in making or reforming this standing cart into a coffee...
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What is the role of a father?
Letters from the Pastor Happy Father’s Day friends and families. Actually, today is Saturday, so should I say happy Father’s Day Eve? LOL I’m wearing a t-shirts...
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I'm back! Did anyone miss me?
Letters from the Pastor I’m back from my D.Min. residency at Talbot School of Theology, and for 2 weeks, I’ve been learning and sharing on how to grow the church and...
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