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Step by Step
Letters from the Pastor
Hi, God is so good to us, is he not? Beginning with pre-assessment, assessment, references, interviews, and meetings, we just received a letter that says we've been...
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Happy Easter!
Letters from the Pastor Good morning, I have a couple of announcements for you this morning. First, guess what? Jesus is alive! God loves you so much. So much that he...
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10th is the New 10 Times
Letters from the Pastor Good morning church, Since the beginning of the year, we've talked about the vision of the church by looking at "what if" from number 1. Today...
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9 Fruits of the Spirit
Letters from the Pastor Hello church, The weather has been up and down lately in Orange County, Southern California, and because of that, I saw many people were sick,...
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8 Values of the Church
Letters from the Pastor Hi Overflowing Church, I would like to begin this email by saying thank you! Since my family started to share the vision of planting a new...
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7 Days A Week Church
Letters from the Pastor Hi friends and families, It's always fun connecting with friends and families and hearing about what God is doing in them and through them,...
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6 Areas of a Home for the Church
Letters from the Pastor Hi friends and families, It was about 2 in the afternoon when I was making this video, and it rained a lot in Lake Forest, California. I don't...
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5 Purposes Of The Church
Letters from the Pastor Hi, If you know me and my journey at Saddleback Church, you would have guessed what the "What if" #5 was going to be. Well, here it is. What if...
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